хумус (humus) wrote,


Советские плакаты

L0032004 A drunk man in Russia likened to a pig: his silhouette is sw

L0032006 A sick man in Russia who thinks he is being helped to walk b

L0032007 A priest in Russia admitting to a woman from his congregatio

L0032151 A Soviet soldier dies of dysentery as a result of eating unw

L0032154 Unhygienic practices which lead to death from cholera. Colou

L0032155 Vaccination: pockmarked and blinded peasants in Russia who h

L0032156 A man in Russia drinking unboiled water from a pail carried

L0032157 A doctor inoculating a man (soldier?) against cholera in Rus

L0032770 After the defeat of the White Army, a new white peril threat

L0042087 The typhus louse, against which Russian citizens are urged

Tags: Россия, история, плакаты, постеры, фото

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