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1968. Дэйв Монро в Ленинграде

Museum of History of Religion & Aetheism, Leningrad.  9/26/68

Museum of Religion and Atheism, Leningrad.  9/26/68

Fortress of Peter and Paul across Neva, Leningrad.  9/26/68

Mosaic Church, Leningrad.  9/27/68

Canal & Museum of Mosaics, Leningrad.  9/26/68

Russians queue up for fresh fruit.  Leningrad.  9/26/68

Alexander Column, 1764.

More grandeur, Hermitage, Leningrad.  9/27/68

Europe Hotel, Leningrad.  9/27/68

Queue waiting for department store to open, Nevski Prospekt.

Admiralty Building.

Winter Palace and Alexander Column, Palace Square.  9/26/68

Smalna Nunnery, Leningrad.  9/26/68

Smalna - Lenin's home.  9/26/68

No seats tonight for Antony & Cleopatra, Leningrad.  9/27/68 [George Finch]

Leaving Leningrad.  9/28/68

Moscow-Helsinki, Russian engine.  9/28/68

Court off Nevski Prospekt, Leningrad.  9/26/68

Cruiser Aurora, opening shot 1917 revolution.  9/26/68

Cruiser Aurora, Leningrad.  9/26/68

Leaving Leningrad.  9/28/68

Pre-school children hitched together, Leningrad.  9/26/68

Marine Engineering School, Church 1733.

St. Isaacs Cathedral, Leningrad.  9/26/68

St. Isaacs Cathedral, Leningrad.  9/26/68

Statue Pushkin, across street from our suite.  9/27/68

Winter Palace, parade stairway, Leningrad.  9/27/68

Malacite Hall, Hermitage, Leningrad.  9/27/68 [Alice Finch]

USSR Admiralty Building.  9/26/68

Potempkin's Palace (Catherine's boy friend). 9/26/68

Nevski Prospekt, Leningrad.  9/26/68

Tags: Ленинград, Россия, история, фото
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