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Р. Палмер Бисли в Советском Союзе. 1970. Часть 1. Ленинград.

Rostral at a distance from the bus window

Ambulance parked in front of Palace

Congress emblem on Tauride Palace where Congress was held

Taurida Palace where Congress was held

R behind pansies on steps on Tauride Palade

Peter & Paul Fortress

Peter & Paul Fortress

Peter & Paul Fortress

from bus window

Formerly Maria's Palace - note red flag

From Astoria hotel

Astoria hotel & Nicholas I

Peter the Great

Triumphal Arch Palace Square

Triumphal Arch 1812 Patriots War

Alexander Column and Triumphal Arch from Hermitage

Line up for bus at Peter & Paul Lutheran Church built 1838

Red Flag on Headquarters of the Revolution - Smolny - where Lenin lived

Smolny Nunnery & Cathedral 1764

Smolny Nunnery & Cathedral 1764

St Isaacs Cathedral

St Isaacs Cathedral

St Isaacs Cathedral scaffolding

St Isaacs Cathedral from Alexander column

St Isaacs Cathedral across Neva River


Hermitage from bus

Hermitage from bus


Tags: Ленинград, Россия, история, фото

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